Bruckner Chase  works locally and globally to positively impact how we feel, think and act towards our oceans and our communities. 

Through his foundation, Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive, and with collaborative partners he creates research-based programs and opportunities for sustainable positive impacts on the health, wellbeing, safety and strength of our oceans and communities. The foundation also utilizes its collective expertise and experience to assist partners and stakeholders develop, improve or launch their own ocean positive initiatives.  

Collaborative partners include NOAA National Weather Service, Surf Life Saving Australia, University of the Sunshine Coast, Monterey Bay Aquarium, World Drowning Prevention Conference, Blue Mind Collective, BLUE International Film Festival, Lifesaving World Championships 2018 

Services and support include:

  • Expert Witness Support
  • Safety and Site Evaluations
  • Program / Concept Development
  • Social and Conservation Impact Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Professional Development / Mentorship
  • Project Management
  • Program Research
  • Partner Sourcing and Management
  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Sport Event Design & Management 



Red Bull Surf + Rescue


Co-Creator/Technical Director/Athlete & Media Liaison

From Concept Development in 2014 to one of the world's premier professional surf lifesaving in 2019 including patrols from Virginia Beach to Long Island New York with a reach and impression count in the millions. 


Live Reports on FOX 29


Sport History for Red Bull Media House

NOAA National Weather Service ocean & coastal expert


5-year Cooperative Research & Development Agreement on Ocean and Coastal Safety, Science and Conservation


In 2016 Bruckner launched a 5-year collaboration with NOAA’s National Weather Service to build a new outreach model for protecting our ocean and coastal communities.  A key result is the recently released and groundbreaking Wave Safe with Bruckner Chase film series that provides place-based, ocean safety and drowning prevention messaging that combines a philosophy, mindset and call to action on any coastal environment.  At the same time, the series teaches about geographically specific coastal hazards along some of the country’s favorite shorelines : East Coast, Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and American Samoa. The series also provides strategies for staying safe around those specific hazards and messaging about respecting the ocean. The public sector film series is hosted through NOAA’s National Ocean Service Ocean Today platform at and distributed across all NOAA branches that address community safety, engagement and education. BCOP has also worked with coastal retailers to make the series available on their customer facing monitors while also working with local coastal townships to embed the NOAA video links on their websites. 

The Wave Safe series depicts place-based ocean conditions in exciting locations that engage audiences with their beauty and dramatic vistas. Audiences in and around these locations easily connect personally to the risks and protective messages contained in their Wave Safe film. Bruckner and the Ocean Positive foundation performed the research of the targeted locations and communities through exhaustive interviews with internal and external NOAA stakeholders. Bruckner also served as the writer and on-camera host of the series which included organizing multiple filming expeditions from the East Coast to American Samoa to capture the critical local images and experts to insure the film series was able to meet the goals of NOAA and the National Weather Service of resonating at the local level while promoting a national campaign.



Planning, Hosting, Playing


Leadership & Impact Building

Building consensus and implementing programs for impact


NOAA & National Weather Service

  “The purpose of this SOW is to establish a formal collaboration with the renown, respected and experienced coastal advocate, Bruckner Chase. Bruckner is an endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose 2010 solo, twenty-eight mile swim across Monterey Bay launched the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and his own full-time career as an endurance waterman and ocean advocate committed to moving others from awareness to personal, sustainable action that benefits our oceans and our communities. Bruckner brings an intimate knowledge of feet-in-the-sand/surf experience with lifeguards and local emergency management officials, which can assist the NWS in its mission to reduce/prevent deaths due to beach hazards such as dangerous waves and currents. 

The collaboration with Bruckner Chase offers a unique opportunity to tap into a broad resource which tentacles to many coastal community facets valuable to the NWS. The NWS expects to enhance public awareness in new and innovative ways on the danger of rip currents and also provide an avenue to gather data and information that would otherwise be unavailable.”


Executed 8/9/16 by

· Louis W Uccellini, PhD, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Weather Service

· Benjamin Friedman, NOAA Deputy Under Secretary for Operations


Places of Work


additional highlights


Blue Journey Poland

    The 14-day trip to Zabrze, Poland was a first step to explore expanding the ocean and community initiatives of Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive, Inc. in Poland. Through presentations to schools, media interviews, coaching sessions, meetings with federation leaders and a Blue Journey conference for aquatic professionals and coaches the trip was an overwhelming success generating over 1 million impressions across multiple social and traditional media channels. The conference and various presentations also directly reached almost 1,000 professionals, students and teachers. 

The intent now is to create ongoing collaborations between global Ocean Positive initiatives and communities in Poland that focus on building capacity within diverse communities focused on aquatic safety, science, conservation and sport. 


USA Triathlon - Dynamic Open Water: Impact on safety and performance

"An accomplished triathlete, endurance waterman and internationally recognized ocean advocate, Bruckner Chase has both the personal and professional expertise that make him uniquely equipped to serve the endurance sports community.  Chase was a guest speaker at the 2018 USAT Triathlon Art & Science of Triathlon International Coaching Symposium in Tempe, AZ, where he shared best practices for using NOAA National Weather Service information to create and maintain safe training and racing environments. Attendees left his dynamic presentation inspired to discover their own connection to the oceans, enjoy the unmatched experience of open-water swimming and respect their coastal environments in the process.” 

- Rocky Harris, USAT CEO


Special Olympics International - Global Open Water

Designed, Developed and Implemented the global guide for open water training and competion for those with intellectual disabilities.  Served as Technical Advisor and Announcer for the inaugural 1500 meter Championships at the SOI World Games in Athens, Greece.

Served as Technical Director for the World Aquatic Festival in Puerto Rico

"I would like to recognize the role that Bruckner Chase plays with Special Olympics International as a special advisor and Sports Resource Team member for our aquatics program and development of our global open water swimming program.  I would also like to express our appreciation and support of the programs he is creating around the world that encourage and enable participation of Special Olympic athletes as individuals or members of Unified teams building new relationships within their communities."

-Lee Todd, COO of World Games for Special Olympics International 

Blue Ocean Partners & Friends