Bruckner Chase is a professional endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose 2010 25-mile swim across Monterey Bay launched both the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and his own career committed to moving others from awareness to personal, sustainable action that benefits our oceans and our communities.   

Bruckner’s athletic career spans the most challenging events on water and land. He competed as a professional triathlete, and he continues to be an elite level competitor in every endurance sport he takes on. On the water Bruckner has completed multiple ultra-distance swims and paddles in some of the harshest conditions imaginable:  a record setting no wetsuit swim in Alaska, a 22-mile swim of Lake Tahoe and historic swims between the islands of American Samoa. Bruckner competes in professional surf lifesaving sports across multiple aquatic disciplines.  

Bruckner’s athletic pursuits are a means to connect others to our aquatic world.  He has created innovative youth programs in American Samoa, and was given a Matai (Chief) title in the village of Aunu’u. Through their foundation he and his wife, Dr. Michelle Evans-Chase, work with groups such as: National Weather Service, Seafood Watch, Ocean Today, National Marine Sanctuaries, BLUE MIND, Government of American Samoa and Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital. 



Surf Lifesaving Sports

  • Global Ambassador - Lifesaving World Championships 2018 - Adelaide, Australia
  • Lifesaving World Championships 2018 - Adelaide, Australia - Athlete
  • Lifesaving World Championships 2016 - The Netherlands - Athlete
  • Coolangatta Gold Surf Lifesaving Iron Man Championships, '14, '15, '16 - Australia - Only American to finish event 3x, Only American Medalist - Masters Silver
  • Multiple USLA National Championships Masters podium finishes and member of two Monmouth County National Championship Teams

Marathon Swimming

  • Length of Lake Tahoe - 22 Miles - 9th known crossing
  • Across Monterey Bay - 25 Miles
  • Pennock Island, Alaska - 8.2 Mile Race - 1st Overall, Course Record
  • Aunu'u to Pago Pago - 11+ Miles - 1st known crossing
  • Around Atlantic City - 22 Miles
  • Around Ocean City - 19 Miles
  • Around Sea Isle - 16 Miles


  • 1st Triathlon - 1984
  • 1st Ultra-Distance Triathlon - 1985
  • Professional Triathlete - 1986 - 1991
  • 1st FIRST - YA Tittle Triathlon 1990

Ultra-distance Running

  • Vermont 100 Miler - 1998
  • Mountain Massochist 50 Miler+ - 3x Finisher
  • Pine Mountain Trail Run - 48 Miler
  • Bull Run Run - 50 Miler

What we do with what we can do:

“In his whole life everything he has ever done has been 110%. Bruckner lives his whole life with so much passion and determination, and that is just contagious to those around him.”  - Pamela Grafton

 “Bruckner never says ‘I’ do these swims or ‘I’ swam this or ‘I’ swam that.  He always says, ‘We,’ and what he means is that he swims with a community, with a group…and we help him finish these swims both physically and emotionally.”  - Michelle Evans-Chase

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